Jarrrett Arnold’s work in this show contains physical elements of art he has cut up, painted over and repurposed going back to 1994. Since 1994 Arnold has practiced a daily ritual of collecting knowledge and detritus from his own life and making pieces of art from what he collects. This ritual sustains his curiosity and wonder and through this simple act of ritual he hopes to become worthy of the life he has.

Arnold’s process involves finding materials in his environment and using those to build images and non-objective fields of color and line. He works from photos he has taken, and direct observation and invites the detritus of life into the work; he mix these with whatever thoughts, feelings, or happy accidents occur to him during the construction of each piece. Arnold lets the outcome develop as the piece ages, coming back to each piece periodically as new materials or thoughts come his way (pilgrimage). Each piece develops in the same way that a living organism develops during its lifetime. His art is alive (journey).

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