My stitches tell a narrative about the fragility of our world using birds, plants, and figures as subjects. I choose a fragile medium of embroidery to emphasize its delicateness, as well as a medium in which the connection of hand and material are constant. Whether a freehand machine or hand stitching, my hands are guiding and manipulating thread and fabric. My process begins with my ink drawings from observation or photographic references. I translate the ink with the stitched line. Color and form are added with overlaying threads, fabric, or felt. I get very excited about finding vintage and up-cycled fabrics that have scenes that my subjects can interact with to tell their story. I am drawn to overlay and transparency leading me to experiment with a variety of fabrics from felt to organza.

My series “Watch Children” is based on a series of paintings I created in the early 2000’s based on the contour line drawings of my high school students that modeled for figure drawing during my studio class. I am adding bird heads to their adolescent “bored” poses for this new series. They are “watching” over important pollinators, seeds and species important for their future. All line work is drawn freehand on my sewing machine.

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