On View: APR 17 – MAY 29
Limited capacity in-person reception: APR 17 | 6-8PM

In early childhood, each of us internalized unique environments, experiences and messages. All of us heard different things, which our young bodies and minds absorbed. These voices continue to shape us into who we are today.

“What We Heard” is a collection of images made from submissions by close friends. The artist collected reference material using the prompt: “What did you hear growing up?” The response was an array of captured memories paired with phrases which might be interpreted positively or negativity. Our own experiences will influence how we interpret each element.

The vibrant yet muted works cause viewers to think back on their own histories. What did you hear? How does that differ from your siblings or your present day neighbors? What are the children of today hearing – and what might we choose to say to them?

Image: Don’t Take No Wooden Nickels, 18″ x 24″, oil, 2020

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