On View: March 1, 2024 through March 29, 2024

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1st, 2024

The Washington Studio School (WSS) is delighted to announce Junction, a solo exhibition by Peggy Greene, a Master Certificate graduate of the Washington Studio School. An exhibition of drawings,  paintings, and mixed media sculptures, this commencement exhibit celebrates a culmination of Peggy’s work during her five-year tenure as a student in our Master’s Certificate program.

In her work, Peggy reflects on two groups of women: those in a family photo spanning four generations and small busts from antiquities, depicting goddesses. She delves into their experiences with societal expectations, joys, and heartbreaks, while ancient busts, including depictions of Demeter, evoke a timeless mystery. Peggy’s family history ties her to her great grandmother’s arrival as a bride to a farm in Shenandoah Junction, tracing a lineage across generations. Peggy reflects on the chosen medium for her work:

The materials in the show are today’s materials of everyday life. They come from cardboard boxes, egg and berry cartons, the walls of my home studio, string, paper, placemats made by my grandmother, and charcoal. Humble and ordinary as they are, they have a history; they are evocative. They connect in my imagination with the stories of the women and the place shared by some of them. They suggest the boxes in which we live and what we make of them. They are fun to use—and forgiving.

About the Artist:

Peggy Greene has lived in Washington, D.C. for most of her adult life. She discovered the Washington Studio School while she was pursuing her career, and found it to be a place where she could be in dialogue with peers and mentors alike. She learned to take in the world around her through thoughtful perception and risk-taking. The Studio School’s sense of community also fostered friendships based on the common love for art. Of her many discoveries at the school was her interest in working from three-dimensional structures, eventually leading her to build her own sculptural works. Greene has participated in local and national shows as well as an international exhibition in Tavira, Portugal.

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