Documentation of Karen Yasinsky’s solo exhibition One Night Only is up on our website.  View individual works and installation views here:

One Night Only is extended for an additional week.  Please join us on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 1 – 5pm for the closing reception:

In the series that comprises One Night Only, Yasinsky examines the psyches and postures of the stand-up comedian and how the body is used in comic and stylized performance. Film stills from Aidan performing as well as portraits of her as an “other” are interspersed with re-photographed fragments of Paul Outerbridge fetishized studio nudes. The prints are altered with obsessive dots, small cartoon heads and ribbons.

While comedy and performance rely on timing, these works indulge in space. Individual seconds are picked apart into the minutiae that links them, creating a physical, anthropomorphic presence for the charged, static energy surrounding the figure. Desire and voyeurism enter these spaces, and are mollified with the artist’s orchestrated interventions, the superimposed a layer of activity over the still photographic image. The hand-applied layers focus on process and repetition, postponing completion and disrupting any anticipatory reading of the photographic image.

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