Drawn In; Figure drawings by LuAnn Zubak.

A lot of things changed during the pandemic. For one, my weekly life figure drawing group was cancelled. What could I do? This show comprises a selection of figure drawings done at my kitchen table while a live model posed on my Chromebook during a zoom session.

I discovered that many groups from all over the world began to offer traditional and not so traditional life figure drawing sessions over zoom meetings. I began to be influenced and inspired by all the different artists and models who participated and posted work to their Instagram accounts.

Each new drawing experience fueled me to seek out more, and what started out as an isolating circumstance became a way to establish new connections.

The exhibition will run from September 4 -26, 2021 with Opening Reception on September 11. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday 1-5 pm or call or text 410-369-6494 for an appointment.

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