Marie Jane Machin is a photographer from Maryland currently living in Baltimore City. She received a BFA in photography from UMBC in May 2020. Marie worked as a photographer for the Baltimore City Paper from spring 2014 until November 2017 when the paper closed. She has since taught elementary art and photography camp for middle school-aged children, passing on her love for alternative styles of photography to those she instructs. She currently works as a freelance photographer and has been building a darkroom over the past few months in her garage. She loves photographing people for any purpose (weddings, headshots, band photos, etc), and feels her documentary photography background combined with her interest in analog photography gives her clients a unique set of photos they couldn’t have gotten from anyone else. Marie has a passion for anything hands-on, which led to her interest in alternative styles of photography. Some of these processes include cyanotypes, liquid emulsion, lumen prints, wet plate collodion, and Van Dyke brown printing processes. Learning about the chemistry behind these processes through research and experimentation has been a central theme in her work. She experiments with a wide variety of materials to print on, such as canvas, watercolor paper, wood, and glass. Marie is inspired by her own memory, recorded by the cameras she carries with her everywhere she goes. She enjoys using 35mm cameras, medium format cameras, and using a Polaroid camera in her spare time in order to keep a visual record of her life. Her work is influenced by her personal routine, the places she goes, as well anyone she meets.

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