October 2 – November 14, 2021

Also on exhibit October 2 – November 14
Mary Swann: Close to Home & Don Reigner: Inner Space

2029 Monkton Road | Monkton MD 21111
Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 11a.m. – 7p.m.

In his series, A Place Under the Moon, Minas Konsolas recalls locations he has visited, during his life and travels, from a perspective of poetic sentiment and love. Each image – a combination of paper collage and pastels on canvas – shows a vibrant outdoor setting where nature predominates, and solitude and quiet are implied through the calm and harmony of the visuals. Though it is a world inhabited by humans, their presence is only implied by structures or paths they have left behind. In one image, Great Blue Heron, humanity has no foothold at all.

Each image is almost a motion picture: flowing, dynamic lines suggest gentle wind or movement of water while reds, oranges and earth tones evoke warmth and vibrancy. While the subject matter and placid tone of these images unite the series in terms of content, their flowing and dynamic visual style speaks to a larger world – playful, evocative, inviting, and spanning the globe.
Finally, each picture is a mosaic of smaller pieces, like fragments of a mirror, implying multiple ways the viewer might interpret the larger image. Form and content are thus intertwined, giving each scene both a physical and a stylistic presence, speaking at once to the particular and the universal. A Place Under the Moon presents us with vivid, magical landscapes which are both real and imagined…their ultimate meaning left mostly up to us.

—Richard Brett, Associate Professor of Communication and Cinema, McDaniel College

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