Evan Drachman, cellist and artistic director for The Piatigorsky Foundation
Wan-Chi Su, pianist, teacher, doctoral candidate at Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

Note to ASG from Evan Drachman –
“Glenn Gould said that the perfect relationship of artist-to-audience was one-to-zero. For Gould, the audience was merely a distraction between him and the music. He even once called a live performance, ‘rule by mob mentality’. For me, and I believe most people involved in the performing arts, this is not the case! I think that music is essentially a medium through which human beings communicate. It is not a one-sided affair. The audience plays a crucial role in any performance. Performers feel the audience’s presence and react to it, sometimes rising to heights never before achieved or finding new insights into works they have studied for their entire lives. Trying to understand music and its role in the current isolation has been a challenge.”

“Wan-Chi Su and I would like to explore and perform some of the cello/piano repertoire with you through a virtual platform. Wan-Chi and I have not been together to rehearse in many months. We have not conclusively decided on our repertoire. We are discussing works by Bach, Brahms, Schumann and Mendelssohn. I would like to assure you that the program we choose will be magnificent music that we feel passionately about. We will be reaching out through the internet to connect with you and feel your presence. The thought of making music for you once again brings me tremendous joy!”

$15 door fee for guests and subscribers

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