Join us with an early opening for an art market that is sure to please all the fine folks of fandom. No Land Beyond is hosting a Nerd Art Market that takes the Artist Alley right out of a con and brings it closer to home just in time for the holiday season. You’ll find art that runs the gamut of shows, movies, games, in a variety of sizes, shapes and mediums. If you can’t find a cute gift for the nerd in your life (which can even be yourself!), we’ll be surprised.


K.S. Garner (@ksgarner)

Darcy Chapman (@darcythedandy)

House Mathius (@housemathius)

Echo Zhang (@zao.zzz)

Rod Van Blake (@rodvanblake)

Mitchell Wallace (@mitchell.wallace.1293)

Maryann Deadpool Daymont (@animeceramix)

Squirrely Jones (@poisonedcucumber)

Rainleaf Studio (@rainleafstudio)

Jordan Purnell Jackson (@jpjacksonart)

Millie Cardenas (@emily_macintyre)

Fern / Goof Art Collective (@goofartcollective)

Callery Creations (@callery_creations)

Melike Carr (@mellikecarr)

Gabs (@thatssowitchycreations)

Harrison Brant Banker Doyle (@brant.banker)

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