Exhibition Statement by Gavish:
Neuro Land / Michal Gavish

My fascination with science goes back to my former research work and my PhD research in Chemistry. Observing the beauty of the microscopic world that is hidden from the naked eye. For me, neurons, viruses, proteins, and crystals aren’t abstractions—they are figures, objects, and nano-scale landscapes. Captivated by these minute shapes, I interpret them in their intricate environments, which inform scientists’ communal imagination.

Neuro Land is a series of installations on fabric and paper inspired by observations of brain neuron research. It is based on online 3D mapping models and microscope imagery of biological neural networks. Using diorama format, I interpret those as imaginary landscapes, connecting them aesthetically to Japanese screens and medieval scrolls. The narrative configuration of these imaginary brain topographies allows me to describe these unseen territories from within.

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