Even as neon has all but been replaced by digital media such as LED, artists continue to find this analog art form an attractive method by which to explore the intersection of text and image. New Constellations: Contemporary Neon Art features the work of seven artists—including three newly commissioned works—that use the medium of neon to translate thoughts, feelings, and visual research into physical form. In recognizing that neon is a commercial language, the artists in this exhibition help prompt certain questions about its use in contemporary art, including: what are the poetic capabilities of neon? If artists are using neon, are they still selling something, even if it’s an idea? And if neon signs are usually declarative and demarcating, how can contemporary versions not just reveal but also blur accepted truths, identities, and realities?

This exhibition takes place in public facing windows along a six block corridor of Bolton Street, from the 1800 to 1300 block, in the Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. All works in the exhibition will be visible each evening from 5-9 p.m. in their respective windows. This project format aligns with Cardinal’s in interrogating ideas about exhibition formats and the ways that art shapes space.Viewers are encouraged to take a walk along the six-block corridor of Bolton Street, as long as they feel safe and healthy, in order to view this exhibition.

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