Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM) launches From the Electric Mouth: a reading series of AI-generated scripts with a live stream on November 11th at 8:30pm EST.

When DeepFakes and DeepWriting abound, can an AI produce a sensical script? Or will this reading devolve into chaotic nonsense, leaping over the uncanny valley completely? These are the driving questions behind ThEM’s brand new reading series when intrepid actors dive into a live cold reading of an AI-generated script.

This event also supports ThEM’s newest release Newman, Newman, Newman, or NewMan,  a madcap game show where contestants guess whether clues point to Paul Newman, Randy Newman, Newman from Seinfeld, or a synthetic human android, NewMan. NewMan will land on

NewMan satires the exploitative nature of game shows, reality television, and advanced consumer technologies.  Zach Trebino, writer & director of NewMan, on why the piece resonates with the present moment: “In today’s technological society, we offer increasingly precious pieces of ourselves unknowingly to technologies implicitly designed to exploit us. NewMan makes this often unseen transaction literal – and hilarious.”

About Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM)

Theatre of the Electric Mouth is an international community of over 40 artists, collaborating remotely to create absurd and literary audio dramas.

ThEM was formed in response to the COVID pandemic as a safe and accessible way of collaborating remotely to create works of theatre without a live audience. There’s no ticket price, either; all of ThEM’s audio dramas will be available for free, all you need is a little internet.

About From the Electric Mouth and NewMan

From the Electric Mouth: a reading series of AI-generated scripts will be broadcast live on ThEM’s YouTubeand Facebook accounts on November 11th at 8:30pm EST. The reading will feature Kristen Aldrich, Cara Dodge, and Jake Regensburg, with direction by Molly Cohen and text generation by Justin Evans.

NewMan will be published on major podcast platforms on November 15th. It’s written & directed by Zach Trebino, with sound & video also by Zach Trebino and features the voice talents of Andrew Clark, Cara Dodge, Justin Evans, Sarah Lacy, Cory Ringdahl, Patrick Scorese, Rachel Thomas-Levy, and Zach Trebino. Click hereto experience NewMan before its release!

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