Hello asker,

Welcome to the Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning?

We collect, preserve, and exchange your questions for more questions. As a bonus for your meaningful contribution, you will receive a guided tour of the beautiful area surrounding the Center, led by Bao, the center’s founder and only staff member.

The whole journey lasts 75 minutes. As the tour progresses, the asker will know if and when their questions have been answered.

Enjoy your visit!

— Bao Nguyen

From April 1 to April 30, 2023, the Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning will open to appointments, confusion, realization, tears, laughter… A one-on-one performance with you and you only. Your initial question indulges in a conflation of spontaneous conversation and improvised actions. A site-specific performance by theater artist and experimental vocalist Bao Nguyen. Together, we will arrive at deeper insights into your inquiries.

We will follow the river of Jones Falls. The beginning is up to you to choose.

We can start with the rocks centered in Sally’s Garden, right next to 1212 West Mount Royal Avenue. Frolicking among the pillars on the rainbow bridge, we progressively descend into the trail. From there, we follow the presence of rock, contemplating the past, presence, and future of your questions, like the way a rock ages.

Or we can start at the trail entrance opposite the Stieff Silver Building at 800 Wyman Park Drive. Engulfed by the dampened air, we trace the flux of water, washing away the burden and worry of your questions, just like the river does.

In 75 minutes, would you be tender, be enraptured, be moved?

This walk is presented by Cliff Banquet, a Baltimore-based performance artist collective.

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* A small donation is required to schedule a walk. All suggested donations will go toward the Baltimore Peace Movement.

* Email baongyen78@gmail.com to waive the donation if having trouble paying.

Performance Appointments Availability: 4/1/2023 – 4/30/2023

Location: Jones Falls Trail

Contact: Bao Nguyen (Artist) | baongyen78@gmail.com

     Joyce Liang (Curator) | joyceliang1005@gmail.com

RSVP: thecenterforquestioning.com


Small Group Performance: Sentient Sediment

Date: Friday, 4/28/2023

Time: 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM

Location: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 

1900 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD

Content Advisory

  • Contact level: friendly to intimate, depending on your participation level. 
  • You can pause or end the performance at any time during the walk.
  • This is a 75-minute, 2-mile-long walk with a few stops for rest. You can request a shortened route during the walk. 
  • There will be a few flights of stairs, occasional rough roads, and slopes. 
  • There is no bathroom on this public trail. 

About Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen (they/them) is a new media artist, experimental vocalist, and curator born in Vietnam and based in Baltimore. Through performance, sound, video, and interactive media, Bao’s practice examines oral traditions to reconsider the history of Vietnamese nation-building and devise new connections between ourselves and the landscape. They have exhibited in the U.S. and abroad, including shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Ewha Woman University, Korea. In 2022, they were awarded the Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Award from the New Media Caucus. Bao recently completed their residency at Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art.

About Cliff Banquet

We bash a banquet, celebrating those who enjoy the danger zone.

CLIFF BANQUET, established by artist Joy Li and curator Joyce Liang in 2020, is a project-based artist collective producing interdisciplinary performances bi-annually.

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