Full Circle is pleased to present Orchestrations, a debut solo exhibition featuring the luminous and surreal photographic portraits by Geoff Robertson.

Orchestrations earns its title through Robertson’s process of combining and choreographing different, oftentimes complex, elements into single exposure photographs. Here, such elements include custom, self-built props and installations, light painting, stroboscopic flashes, and UV lighting on the edge of the visible spectrum. In orchestrating these images, the aspects of control and timing marry with that of chance, culminating in works that evoke movement and illusion along with clarity and precision.

The exhibition will extend from the main gallery to the 3rd floor gallery space, displaying photography from multiple phases of Robertson’s work. The main floor gallery will feature a survey of transcendent images that were created using various flavors of light painting—most notably, those incorporating stroboscopic photo techniques—and have, as a collection, sculpted the artist’s unique aesthetic into something bold and instantly recognizable. In the 3rd floor gallery, Orchestrations focuses on Robertson’s current and ongoing project, The Halo Machine. For this project, Robertson designed and built a motorized light painting machine that controls the spin, state, and position of LED lights surrounding a subject, creating single exposure photographs that push the boundaries of what a photograph without digital alteration should be able to portray. The Halo Machine series is the pinnacle of Robertson’s intricately orchestrated style of photography, rooted firmly in the concept of challenging the viewer to ask “How is this image even possible?”

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