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Painted Pidgin

Feb 15-April 25th

Opening Feb 15th 6-8pm

St. Charles, 2701 N Charles St.

Yevgeniya Baras
Brendan John Carroll
Fabienne Lasserre
Tracy Thomason

St. Charles is thrilled to announce our winter group show, Painted Pidgin, including works by Yevgeniya Baras, Brendan Carroll, Fabienne Lasserre, and Tracy Thomason. Each artist in this exhibition uses paint to bridge visual languages. Through text, truncated sign systems, textured surfaces and 3 dimensional space, a new living vocabulary emerges.

Moving through Painted Pidgin, one will encounter paint in complex and sophisticated manifestations. Yevgeniya Baras’s surfaces are built up through a multitude of actions, leaving fragments of language behind. Brendan Carroll’s paintings over resin reference architectural stucco on stained glass. Geometric sculptural objects by Fabienne Laserre are accented with color and gestural marks. Tracy Thomason’s tactile surfaces possess a paradoxical grit and precision through simplified symbolic forms.

A pidgin is created when there is no pre-existing form of communication, but common ground needs to be generated. In Painted Pidgin, ingenuity breeds hybrid territories in order to convey something new which needs to be said.  Paint used in combination with other media explores the possibility of the unknown. These works possess something familiar, yet question what else can be transmitted or made receivable through paint.

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