Panel discussion with Lara Perry (Deputy Head, School of Humanities University of Brighton), Beth Ziebarth (Director, Access Smithsonian), and Jeffrey Kent (Peale Artistic Director and Artist)

Originally designed as a multi-site, cross-platform exhibition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic Redefine/ABLE: Challenging Inaccessibility is now an online experience that addresses diversity, inclusion and ableism, and seeks to engage audiences about the successes and challenges of persons with disabilities in Maryland and beyond. This panel discussion kicks off the conversation about what an exhibition is post-COVID: how do online formats increase accessibility and inclusion even as they widen the digital divide for some participants? What can we learn from exhibitions and museums as they pivot to working exclusively online, and what do we all need to do better? The panelists bring multiple perspectives from their experiences of curation, art-making, criticism, accessibility and inclusive design.

Redefine/ALBE: Challenging Inaccessibility programs include:

July 24, 12pm
Panel discussion: What is an inclusive exhibition post-COVID? 

July 29, 4:30pm
Storytelling with Mandla “Kosi” Dunn

August 3, Time TBD
Storytelling Panel

More to Come!

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