“Perfume Our Burial”
Terence Hannum
Lost Origins Gallery / 3110 Mt PLeasant St. / Washington DC 20010
Opening 12-02-22 7-10PM
Open through 02/12/2023
“Terence Hannum’s “Perfume Our Burial” highlights the allure and beauty of psychoactive and poisonous plants while encouraging us to reflect on existence and mortality.

Taking inspiration from Northern European Still Life painting, Hannum mutates tradition and creates pieces that feel soft and hazy, as if the viewer is under the influence of the plant on view.

Translucent, 3D printed, flowers grow from the walls as an homage to the 1978 classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Each flower is delicately lit, creating insidious shadow that perfectly compliment Hannum’s paintings.”

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