Black Cherry is excited to welcome back to our stage Puerto Rican performance art duo Poncili Creacion as they tour their new show “Bending Endinning” in the US!

One show only! Thursday January 23rd at 7pm
Doors open at 6:30pm
Tickets Available:

Poncili creación humbly tries by any means possible with aggressive energy and unorthodox techniques to remove from the human minds of the audience the belief that not everything is possible. Prepare yourself to be touched challenged and surprised while they perform open mind surgery on your preconditioned brain.

Using large scale transformative sculpture, raw magic and visceral energy Poncili Creacion takes us on a plunge into a whimsical nightmare to contemplate the beauty of nothingness all around us and within ourselves, this is one ride that you won’t escape unscathed.

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