Hey all you puppet lovers out there! Here at Black Cherry we are channeling our many feelings about the state of the world into puppets!

We’ve decided that for our next Virtual Slamwich to try our FIRST EVER Footlong Edition – for puppet videos and performances over 5 minutes. There is simply too much puppet content to be contained in 5 minutes and the puppet lovers demand it!!!!!

The link will go live on Saturday June 13th @ 6:30 PM on Black Cherry’s YouTube Channel and will be posted *here* prior to the event. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj22TjJ4U345f73ZitxzO1g

If you join us for the premiere, you can watch live with others, BUT you can also watch it any time after 6:30! Share it with all those you feel would enjoy some puppet entertainment!

If you plan on watching, please donate to all of our amazing puppeteers and musicians during this difficult and crazy time. If everyone donated just $2-3 it would make a world of difference. Here is the link to donate:


Puppeteers & Musicians Include:
Alex & Olmstead
Bragg/ Lafosse
Robert Amico & Kettlehead Studios
Matt Muirhead
Myra Su
Alani Sugar

Know that we LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL and are waiting with baited breath for the day we can return to the magical realm of PHYSICALLY TOGETHER puppetry ♥ ♥ ♥

Show made possible by the HBH fund and support of the Puppet Slam Network.

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