The Exhibition Department at Stevenson University is pleased to announce RESONATIONS an exhibition in its Manning Academic Center 2nd Floor gallery. This installation features Jordan Tierney’s “Resonators, Late 21st Century, Jones Falls Settlement” ceremonial musical instruments.

Jordan Tierney’s work begins by wandering daily in her immediate environment. In this way, she becomes intimate with her local ecosystem, no matter how colonized by Homo sapiens it is. While looking and listening, she practices an urban form of beach combing, collecting things with ‘juju’. The things she finds each have a story to tell.

In the 1990’s Tierney mined the crumbling alleyways of a socio-economically divided and struggling Washington DC. Which functioned as a twilight zone of lives ignored and feared by the marble columned institutions looming a few blocks away from her studio.

Now, she inhabits Baltimore’s urban streams and tangled forest buffers which were designed to channel storm water from all our impervious surface developments. The water transports all the trash it collects along the way, to the Jones Falls, then the Chesapeake Bay, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. These zones are between-worlds. The marginalized, unwanted, forgotten, or unprofitable. Strung with invasive vines, they feel post-apocalyptic as industrial era machine parts rust away to join with mushrooms and bones. Her intimate knowledge and nurturing of the plants and animals trying to survive here and the resourceful use of her finds for sculpture makes her as indigenous to her place as our ancestors were to theirs

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The Manning Academic Center 2nd Floor art gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm and on Saturday from 11am to 4pm. It is located on the Stevenson University Owings Mills North campus, 11200 Ted Herget Way, Owings Mills, MD 21117.

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