Continuing the conversation About Black People, People of Color, and Rock n’ Roll

We move on to hold a deeper discussion of the themes and issues discussed in Part 2 of Rock Opera 101: Onto the Stage. In this talkback panel, we’ll take a closer look at the history of black artists in theater and how their contribution created musical theater as we know it today, as well as how their achievements were consistently underplayed, and underpaid.

Moderated by:
Charles Jackson – Community Liaison and Diversity Practitioner

Panel Members:
Dorrian Wilson – (actress/director/singer) Recently was featured at the Kennedy Center. Expert on race and feminist/womanist thought in the theater. B.A., Coppin State University – Urban Arts/Theater

Melissa Victor – (actress/singer) – Speaker on race relations in performance theater, including Broadway, and is a member of various groups working on diversity issues on Broadway. Equity actress. B.A. in Music, Catholic University of America

Vaughn Midder (actor/singer) – Actor and activist, he recently spoke on Artscentric’s virtual discussion panel “Uncensored Conversations with the African American Actor”. Equity actor. B.A. in Theater, University of Maryland College Park

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