A road block is when the forces of nature obstruct a stretch of pavement or a structure of human activity. It is the aftermath of an event of earthly disruption, and when it interferes with some function of civilization it is called an avalanche, a mudslide, something fallen, a problem of displacement. The rocks often stay put, but when they roll they are a great sediment impediment to a desired destination. In this body of work, the road block is not the obstacle, it is the object of interest, a condition that is both physical and psychological. All is needed is a change of perception to see the transience of even the most stubborn materials. The rock rolls and roles shift, forming new territories and notions of objecthood. Join us for the opening reception of Roll Block; a solo show by Paige Twyman, February 28th from 5pm-7pm. This exhibition is located in the Gateway Galleries. Light Refreshments will be provided.

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