A common human experience is hearing the perfect song, closing the eyes and imagining an aesthetic, a scene or artwork that compliments the song perfectly. This practice is so universal that the social media platforms now encourage users to “add sound” to their content in efforts to connect to others. The irony is that by experiencing these artworks through devices, viewers are more disconnected from the art and the artist. February 29th, Share Your Why invites all to reconnect with humanity via an immersive music and arts experience.

“Share Your Why” is the first of two exhibits by curator Shardé Hoff as a part of Motor House’s Emerging Curator’s Program. The exhibit explores the theme of Passion, and how this invisible entity drives humanity throughout life. “Share Your Why” utilizes the artistic expression of nine talented local artists to reveal and give shape to said passion and begs us all to explore our own “Why”.

“Share Your Why” is Shardé’s third silent disco exhibit. The Silent Disco is a vibrant fusion of visual art and music, creating an immersive experience for attendees, fostering a deeper connection to the artists’ inspirations and expressions. The opening reception is free and open to the public, but to participate in the full silent disco experience (the way the curator intended) you can purchase tickets here www.sysmvmt.com.

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