Part of the UMBC and Towson University Collaborative Exhibition at Maryland Art Place (MAP), SPARKIV: A NEW WORLD artists Anna Kroll and Chloe Engel present “I Want To Be,” a series of performances that occur via telephone conference call. Kroll and Engel navigate a score in which they co-imagine events in a room. These are improvisational, spoken performances that have developed out of their collaborative practice of negotiating and refining scores to create imaginary realities. To attend, the performance audience members call a phone number at a specific time and listen to an improvisational guided exploration. Every phone call offers a new room, with infinite possibilities. A live-captioned version will also be simultaneously available.

I Want to Be

A series of performances that occur via telephone conference call by Anna Kroll and Chloe Engel.

You dial the number provided on the date that you’re supposed to.

You close your eyes and listen.

You enter a room.

There are other people in the room. We are in the room with you.

We tell you how the room is built,

What the room contains

What contains the room

What happens in the room

and how it will eventually all be destroyed.

You listen.

Every call is a new room.

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