Enter a world where love and the vibrant energy of spring intertwine in a symphony of colors and emotions. “Sprung” is not just about the changing of seasons; it’s a celebration of new beginnings, blossoming feelings, and the exhilarating rush of romance. In this exhibition, we explore the profound connections between the awakening of nature and the stirring of hearts.

The exhibition “Sprung” acknowledges the amorous essence of springtime, where love blooms alongside the flowers and fills the air with fragrance. It’s a tribute to those who find themselves utterly infatuated, completely taken over by the irresistible pull of romantic interest. The exhibition also acknowledges the differences that these concepts reveal: The Spring is about growth, feeling sprung is often fleeting.

Join us for an immersive exploration of identity, spirituality, and social justice through the diverse lenses of five visionary artists. In this exhibition, we celebrate the dynamic creativity of Adewale Alli, Liz Miller, Raine Dawn Valentine, Savannah Imani Wade, and Khadija Jahmila, whose distinctive practices intersect to provoke introspection and inspire transformation. Each artist featured in “Sprung” was carefully selected for their exploration of themes or modalities related to both the seasons and love. Through their diverse practices, they offer unique perspectives on the intersection of nature’s renewal and the passion of the human heart.

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