Baltimore based artist Stephanie Garon’s “(De)composition” contains industrial elements, like steel, juxtaposed with natural materials she personally collected. While deceptively formal, the resulting artworks are ecologically motivated interventions. The physical process of decomposition becomes evident as the pieces change over time, emphasizing the fragility of nature. Rich in associations, her work functions as abstracted expressions of a time, place, and way of life. The resulting artwork is a visualization of an uneasy truce: the fragile balance between nature and humanity.

With this exhibition, the viewer is invited to enter a contemplative space, engaging with the artist in a dialogue about how we, as people, build structures and interact with the natural world around us.

Garon’s artwork has been exhibited internationally in England, Colombia, and South Korea, as well as across the United States. Her writing, a critical aspect of her artistic process, has been published in international literary journals. In this exhibition, Garon continues her exploration of the ways in which the environment is vulnerable to humanity, as well as her own evolving role as an artist, poet, and activist.

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