Local artist Merle Davison creates bronzes, clay sculptures, and jewelry. Merle discusses her artistic process and how the vast collection of the Walters Art Museum inspires her creations. In current works, Merle takes inspiration from classic sculpture to create clay busts of her own family members. When she is not sculpting, Merle works as a security officer at the Walters.

About Merle Davison

Merle Davison is a poet, self-taught sculptor, and jewelry artist with no formal art education. Born in Washington, DC in 1963, she has an innate talent and skill for sculpting, evident in her ability to capture the intimate realism of the human form, the unique characteristics of the individual human face, as well as the subtleties of architecture in her relief sculptures. Her sculptures are originally free-hand sculpted in plasticine clay, and she currently creates her art and jewelry in a small studio in her home in Baltimore, MD.

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