Teapots are evocative, they imply hearth and home, cozy days sipping hot elixirs poured from an elegant vessel. They are also a complex challenge for the artist, balancing  form and function. Each element compliments the other like a symphony of shape, volume and ergonomics. Functional wares come alive through their use and aesthetic appreciation.

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to have the keen eye of Jen Allen as our juror selecting this exhibition’s offerings. She is a studio artist and ceramic educator, well-versed in the teapot’s history, making and use.  Her family believes “tea tastes better when steeped in a ceramic vessel” and she loves the focus needed to make a utilitarian teapot. “The process of fashioning a teapot out of clay takes patience, perseverance and contemplation. As a juror, whether your teapot is utilitarian or sculptural, hand-pinched or 3D-printed, traditional or contemporary, I look for works that give me pause. I look for works that spark my curiosity; works I  need  to experience in person.”

Exhibiting Artists

Elka Adomowicz, Dyan Akkouche, Jen Allen, Kait Arndt, Osa Atoe,Posey Bacopoulos, Hayne Bayless, Anne Bowen, Samantha Breigel, Wes Brown, Timothy Carr, Horacio Casillas, Cynthia Deitch, Beverly Fetterman, Heidi Frank, Yoshi Fujii, Lisa Guiliani, Eunkyung Han, Jason Hess, Steve Hilton, Mike Jabbur, Catherine Joanny, Shika Joshi  Huey Hyuk Lee, Anne Maraviglia, Taylor Mezo, Michael Poness, Constance Rankin, David Smith, Amy Song, T.R. Steiner, Mike Tavares. Leathia West, Jean Wrathal.

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