Galerie Myrtis is honored to introduce painter Jerrell Gibbs as the latest addition to its esteemed roster of artists. Gibbs is set to make his debut in the upcoming exhibition, “That Which Compels Me So,” a survey and celebration of artists who have joined the gallery since 2021. Joining Gibbs in this exhibition are the exceptional talents of Fabiola Jean-Louis, Ya La’Ford, and Megan Lewis. Each artist brings their unique perspective and creative practice to the fore, resulting in a diverse and thought-provoking collection of works.

Through their respective creative practices, the artists in “That Which Compels Me So” invite viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay of memories, personal reflections, and the imaginative forces that fuel their artistic processes. This exhibition celebrates African American artistry and reflects the diverse and dynamic range of talent within Galerie Myrtis’s growing portfolio of artists.

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