~All showtimes are EST (Eastern Standard Time)
~General admission $20. Suggested age 13+

~A ticket purchase grants you a unique access link sent to you on the evening of your chosen show date.
~One ticket is good for an entire household sharing one laptop or tablet. Tickets cannot be shared or accessed by multiple devices.

*BOOKING A PARTY*: Adventure with your friends! 5 people required per party request. Each person in the party must purchase their tickets individually. Email [email protected] with the email addresses of your party.

From the creators of Shattered Space, The Scattered Players present their second show: THE BATTLE OF BROKEN MIRRORS – A Live, Virtual, Interactive Online Show.

The Battle of Broken Mirrors is a devised, collaborative show directed by Deirdre McAllister & Shattered Space alum Teresa Attridge. Conceived by Brett Messiora & expanded lore by Teresa Attridge, our show takes its audiences on an immersive journey inspired by the folktale “The Fauna of Mirrors: The Legend of Huang Di.” Rorrim, the World of Magic, and Aerith, the World of Alchemy (our world) originally existed in harmony together. When The Tiger, an elemental Evil, nearly destroyed us both, Emperor Huang Di saved our world from The Tiger by sealing our mirror portals, abandoning our alliance with Rorrim. Likewise, they too sealed themselves away, trapping The Tiger in a realm called The In | Between. Now, The Tiger is threatening to break out of The In | Between and feed on our fear, rage, sorrow, and hatred once more – and ultimately drive both worlds to destruction.

To defend the balance of the universe, the people of Earth are called upon to join members of The Heart of the Dragon, a secret society, to fight against The Tiger. Acting as allies, audience members will travel with a Guide to call upon the mythical beings of Rorrim and enlist their aid in the fight against evil.

Lead Engineer Chris Uehlinger will be building upon his innovative custom 3D web interface to create a stunning virtual room of refractions. At the start of the show, audience members will dive into the deep history of Rorrim and the war of The Night of No Reflection. Then, their Guide will take them to The In | Between to access the mirror portals to other realms. A completely immersive, interactive online experience, The Battle of Broken Mirrors combines the electricity of live performance with the fantasia of myth and legend.

Maximum capacity per show is 30, with audience members divided into six adventuring parties. In each party of 5, audience members will be accompanied by one member from The Heart of the Dragon as they work together to enlist the aid of the magical folk of Rorrim.

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For the optimal experience during your mission we recommend the following technical specifications and guidelines:

-We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to access the web interface. A high powered tablet is second preferred, and any mobile device is third. However, the web platform will function using any device with internet access.
-The Google Chrome browser is required, except if you are using a mobile iOS device (iPad or iPhone) the Safari browser is required.
-For best results, open an “incognito” or “private” window before copy and pasting the access link provided. Note for some Windows users that the default browser may be Edge. If you’re unsure of your default browser, open Chrome first, then copy/paste your link.
-Make sure you are in an area with a strong WiFi or cellular service connection.
-Please close all other browser tabs and applications on your device. If you are able, make sure your device is plugged into a power source.

For questions about your tickets, access, or customer service – email us at [email protected].


Cast & Crew

Producers: Chris Uehlinger, Matt Payne, Benjamin-Ernest Abraham, and Lance Bankerd
Lead Engineer: Chris Uehlinger
Directors: Teresa Attridge & Deirdre McAllister
Stage Manager: Katy Gentry
Composer & Sound Designer: Bobby Ge
Marketing: Donna Ibale

Ensemble: Alex Shade, Ashley Lauren Rogers, Brett Messiora, Caitlin Weaver, Derek Cooper, Emily Classen, Erika Quintana, Heiko Spieker, J Hargrove, Jenn Alexander, Jess Rivera, Kat Kaplan, Mani Yangilmau, Megan Livingston, Nina Kearin, Siobhan Beckett, Steve Barroga, Sydney Amanuel

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