Cliff Banquet​ presents ​The Edgeless Sea Flowing Into My Veins​, a ​scaled-down​ ​group exhibition featuring artist Tyler Brunner and Yantong Li, in collaboration with a Boston miniature gallery Shelter In Place. The exhibition is meant to combat the fatigue of 3D-modelled walls and satisfy the craving of physical art display in a seeming humor.

Shelter In Place has inspired every installation mounted in its space. This “playhouse” functions nothing less than an actual gallery. Hosting more than 30 exhibitions in 3 months so far, SIP accommodates a ray of comfort and seeks joy amidst the enormous sorrow with a space measured only 20 by 30 inches. Its audience humorously joke about “attending the exhibitions” although SIP is a space they can not possibly ​walk in​ unless they use the shrink ray from ​Rick and Morty​. This gallery combats the vast with its tiny body. The amount of energy flowing inside of it drags in excitement and an unbearable pain as if an edgeless sea flows into our veins. The vascular walls are forced to expand to their maximum in order to shelter the immense body of power. In this journey of exploration, we bear the pain and this ecstasy.

The chosen works by Tyler Brunner and Yantong Li seek the reflection of themselves through channeling various parts of nature and human activities into artistic practice. Brunner’s project, ​Burning Stone,​ creates and warps narratives surrounding the American industry and places sympathy with those materials being harvested; seeing oil rigs as a means of accessing the memory of extinct organisms, nuclear reactors seduced by the absinthe walls of underground caves. On the other hand, through ​Mirror as I​ and ​Grey​, Li contemplates with the Self, the relationship between the self and the Self, the body-mind-spirit “i” with the “I” that is ever-present, all-pervasive.

Exhibition Dates:​ July 27–30, 2020

Location: ​Shelter In Place Gallery (​​) Curator:​ Joyce Liang & Joy Li
Contact Information:​ ​[email protected]

SHELTER IN PLACE GALLERY​ is a Boston gallery born out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Artist Eben Haines built the maquette and artists submit works to scale, which are photographed with realistic results. (Credits: Valentina Di Liscia | ​Hyperallergic​)

CLIFF BANQUET, established by artist Joy Li and curator Joyce Liang in 2020, is an artist

collective that aims to provide a virtual platform for interdisciplinary artists whose career involves theatrical or performance elements. Member artists are encouraged to venture out of the discipline in their practice and collaboration. By offering diversified exposure and opportunities, the collective endeavors to broaden the scope of the creative process and undo the categorization of artistic approaches.

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