An Instagram exhibit, Curated by Da Vinci Art Alliance,

Cade Art Gallery, Anne Arundel Community College

Exhibit to be presented on the Cade Gallery Instagram Account @cadegalleryaacc

Dates: One artwork will be posted each day from April 17th-27th

Artists: Sarah R. Bloom, Inga Kimberly Brown, Samantha M Connors, Maci Kociszewski, Alan Lankin, Chelsey Luster, Alla Reznik, Eddy Rhenals, Rebecca Schultz, Bill Timmins.

Exhibit Theme:  Space is an area in which something exists. Space is also an area that is empty or available to be filled. We carry space in our hearts for memories, people, and places. We also carry space for hopes and dreams yet to be achieved. Sometimes old spaces get torn down, memories fade, sometimes new buildings get built or former homes become abandoned. Whether your space is a family restroom or a rock formation on the Wissahickon or even an unoccupied room in a Colombian home, you carry the weight of your space on your shoulders, in your heart, and on your mind. From exploring one’s own vulnerability to questioning the societal structures that create our buildings, the artists in this exhibition all examine our relationship to spaces they know. The space within us and the spaces around us are all spaces we carry.

About the Curator: Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) is a non-profit art organization, founded in 1931, that builds community through art. Based in South Philadelphia, DVAA fosters an artist membership of 150 adult artists and provides exhibitions and community for our surrounding neighborhoods. Whether we are sharing artists with audiences or introducing community members to creative experiences, we do so with the goal of creating a vibrant, more empathetic, and connected city.

About the Gallery: The Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery is on the western side of AACC’s Arnold campus, 101 College Parkway.  Located on the main floor of the Cade building on West Campus, The Cade Art Gallery at Anne Arundel Community College features seven exhibits a year. The span of exhibiting artists is broad, yet each exhibit is focused by theme or medium. You can encounter an installation project juried by a museum curator, or the latest painting by an AACC student. Since March 2020 the Cade Gallery Instagram account, @cadegalleryaacc has supported the gallery’s mission with exciting exhibits and content throughout the year.

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