Group Exhibition Describes the Muddy Topography of Our Modern Internal and External Worlds

Catalyst Contemporary presents “Turbid Landscapes,” a group exhibition featuring Maren Henson, Gary Thompson, and Marcia Wolfson Ray whose works bring together the uncertain and shifting views of the physical and natural world, our shared spaces and collective understandings, and the more private, psychological spaces where the natural and social impress upon us in unique ways. Landscapes of yore with rolling hills and looming mountains, startling sunlight and a bucolic haze yield instead to faintly illuminated concrete chaos and the intricate inner workings of our cultural and personal connections.

“Turbid Landscapes” is a multimedia exhibition showcasing the ever changing and evolving landscape that we may find ourselves in at points throughout our lives, or even at any point in our day. Today, we project our own forms onto the landscape through culturally engrained expectations of nature, through states of psychological tension, and by means of utilizing our own physical bodies to manipulate and reinterpret an experience both universal and isolated. These are the new landscapes passed down to us that we must shape for ourselves.

Exhibition Dates: February 8th – March 7th, 2020
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