“Under the Cover of Night,” an immersive exhibition, will debut at Zo Gallery on March 8th, showcasing the works of artists Alfonso Fernandez and Andrew Paul Keiper. Through a tandem of painting, photographs, and sound work, the exhibition delves into the impact of human actions on ecosystems and cultures, and the ensuing displacement and devastation.

Alfonso Fernandez’s paintings capture the struggles of marginalized communities forced to flee their homelands in the wake of social and economic collapse. Through vivid imagery and echoes of memory, Fernandez depicts the harrowing journey of displacement and migration affecting 1.8 million people, highlighting persecution and violence and the loss of cultural identity from war. His work serves as a stark reminder of the horrific consequences of exploiting and depleting natural resources, leading to the abandonment of communities and the erasure of their collective heritage. Andrew Paul Keiper’s work offers a complementary exploration of the themes of exploitation and devastation. In a new sound based work with accompanying photographs, Keiper connects his experience visiting a forest devastated by wildfire to his work confronting the legacy of nuclear weapons, presenting a fevered soundscape that questions the death drive of our culture, as it dooms people, flora, and fauna in pursuit of maximum gain.

“Under the Cover of Night” seeks to bear witness to the interconnectedness of environmental degradation, cultural displacement, and societal collapse. Through a series of thought-provoking works, the exhibition challenges viewers to confront the root causes of these crises and consider the path forward. Can we reconcile progress with sustainability? How can artists contribute to envisioning a future where ecosystems and people thrive in harmony and peace? And who bears the cost of our collective inaction?

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of artworks, including Fernandez’s portrayals of displaced peoples and Keiper’s haunting reflections on the poisoned well of hope. These works will serve as mirrors, inviting viewers to confront the disparity and anguish experienced by marginalized communities worldwide.

“Under the Cover of Night” will be on display at Zo Gallery from March 8th to March 29th. Admission is free, and all are encouraged to engage with this timely and urgent exploration of the human condition in an era of ecological and social upheaval.

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