Join quilter Chawne Kimber on a virtual tour through her studio and learn how she draws upon her family history for inspiration to create contemporary works. For centuries, cotton has been central in the lives of the women in Kimber’s family, as many of her enslaved ancestors cultivated cotton in rural Alabama. From picking to ginning to sewing, the lives of Kimber’s ancestors revolved around cotton. Eventually, quilting emerged as a primary form of self-expression. Inspired by the quilts her relatives made in the late 1800s, Kimber interprets traditional forms in an improvisational style using vibrant modern colors of commercially available American-farmed, processed, and woven cotton. Combining minimal self-portraits in a street art style, Kimber uses quilts to respond to current race-related social justice issues. When not making artwork, Kimber is a mathematics professor and an academic dean at Washington and Lee University.

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