In Haitian American Morel Doucet’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Myrtis,”Water Grieves in the Six Shades of Death,” the multidisciplinary artist investigates critical issues of environmental racism and displacement of Black and Brown people from their homes, particularly those living in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. Doucet deploys ceramics, colorful silhouettes of Little Haiti residents, indigenous birds, impressionsofnativefloraandfauna, anddecorativeironworksalvagedfromdemolisheddwellingstoexplore the impact of climate change and developers on this marginalized community.
The title of the exhibition is symbolic and possesses profound meaning. “Water Grieves” is a metaphor for Doucet’s emotional response to the damage caused by water pollution and rising sea levels, which disproportionately impact Black and othermarginalized communities. The word “Grieves” suggests a deep sense of loss, sadness, and mourning, often felt by people forced to bear the burden of environmental degradation.

“Six Shades of Death” refers to the environmental harms that disproportionately impact Black and Brown settlements, including air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, climate change, deforestation, and species extinction. Theseproblems are often interconnected, and their effects can devastate communities that rely on the environment for their livelihoods and well-being.

 Characterized by their intricate detailing and complex narratives, Doucet’s works also examine the importance of preserving cultural heritage and protecting the rights of local communities in the face of rapid development and gentrification.

“Water Grieves in the Six Shades of Death” raises awareness and promotes dialogue about environmental justice and socialinequality by bringing attention to these critical issues. Doucet encourages viewers to consider the intersection of environmental and social issues and the importance of collective action towards a more just and sustainable future.

Myrtis Bedolla, Curator

The opening reception will be held at Galerie Myrtis, 2224 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Marylandon Saturday, May 20th, from 6:00 ‐ 8:00 pm. Artist Talk will take place on Saturday, June 17th, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Events are free and open to the public No appointment is necessary to attend.

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The exhibit runs from May 20 – July 8, 2023. Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday by appointment, 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Hours extended during special events. For additional information on the exhibition, please contact the gallery at (410) 235‐3711 or Ky Vassor, Gallery Assistant, at [email protected].For sales inquiries, please contact our Sales Manager, Noel Bedolla, at [email protected].

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