“Whispers of Longing,” is an exhibition that explores the connection between visual art and poetry.

The two artists in Whispers of Longing both pay close attention to details and nuances of feelings. Bart O’Reilly’s minimal abstractions are reminiscent of a distant memory that feels tangible and then slips away. Jenna Cipolloni’s poems feel like a hushed conversation between friends that occasionally erupts through the quiet with passionate outbursts. The work of both artists bring feelings of intense longing and nostalgia in the classical sense.

The work in this exhibit takes us to the places we go when our minds wander. Jenna Cipolloni is a filmmaker and poet, who, like most filmmakers, prefers to work collaboratively. The exhibit features several of her poems and a short film “Remind Me” by Royskopp, directed and remixed by J.B Yaskovich, for which she is the assistant director. Bart O’Reilly is a painter and a poet. His paintings pursue what language can not. His poetry fills that void and creates new visual questions. While his paintings are read as abstractions, they are also highly personal and the attention to detail resonates. Both artists express an internal dialogue in as tangible a way as possible.

Bart O’Reilly’s book “My Father’s Work Shed” and Jenna Cipolloni’s zine “School Nights” will also be available for purchase in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. Both the opening and closing receptions will feature readings by the artists.

Whispers of Longing is curated by Heidi Neff Chuffo and Liz Lawson.

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