Born and raised in Baltimore, Zoë Lintzeris is a visual artist working in painting and  photography. Astrologia marks her first solo show in her hometown.

Founded on her previous work in journalism, her artwork explores the human condition and  the emotional psyche through a minimalist lens. Her pieces reside in private collections  throughout North America and Europe, and have been exhibited in installations at galleries  and creative spaces including 222 Bowery, Clover’s Fine Art Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery,  Maryland Art Place, and Point Green Studios. From 2017-2019 in New York City, she held  three solo shows highlighting her conceptual-documentary photo work.

Since 2018, Zoë teaches Arts in Health practices in personal sessions and workshops, and  regularly speaks on the intersection of the arts and well-being. She holds a graduate  certificate in Arts in Health, and works with the International Arts + Mind Lab: Center for  Applied Neuroaesthetics at Johns Hopkins University School for Medicine.

She is developing the world’s first Arts in Health residency and retreat space in Greece, and  looks forward to helping artists and creatives from all over the world.

Astrologia is a reaction to the events and aftermath of 2020, using astrological signs and  signifiers to process the unknown. Anglicized from the Greek word “άστρολογία”, the  paintings represent the signs of the zodiac in bold, abstract forms. My interest in astrology  significantly increased during the pandemic and afterward, focusing on how people have  used it for millennia to process and navigate through their

life’s journey. Referencing  Taschen’s Astrology for inspiration, these paintings are a nod to my former style of minimalist  drip painting; reverting to that style allowed me to find comfort and peace through my work  when the world seemed to be upended in chaos.

Each piece was created during the “season” (or time period) of each astrological sign, as I  wanted to transfer my emotions in that time period to every canvas. Some of the imagery  adheres to the traditional zodiac but others are open to interpretation, allowing for the viewer  to take in the energy of each piece for what it is, and see what they want to see.

The Alchemy of Art is a local contemporary gallery focusing on but not limited to local up and coming artist. The building itself is a unique space as it is a converted convent and the gallery is on the entry level and one of the two rooms is the old chapel room with beautiful arched ceilings.  Along with the gallery there is a boutique which carries locally made art and goods. The gallery hours are by appointment only. The gallery most recently won Baltimore Style Magazines Viewer Choice award for Best Gallery of 2018. To keep posted on hours of operation and events follow us on facebook at

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