Issue 06: Home

Issue 06: Home

How Architect Steve Ziger, of Ziger/Snead Has Influenced Baltimore’s Built Environment, Starting with his Own Home

The collection speaks to the city’s diversity, talent, and the collectors’ ambition to foster a more sustainable and equitable art ecosystem.

A Baltimore Performance Company Launched from a Moravia Home

Alisha and Scott had been involved D.C.’s theater and music scenes for years, and were beginning to breathe life into their own fledgling arts organization, Afro House. But they needed a change.

How a DC-based lawyer became an advocate for contemporary art and artists

What’s especially inspiring about Rountree’s collection is that it’s personal, relational, and manageable in the relatively small Petworth rowhouse she shares with photographer Jati Lindsay, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter.

Joy Davis talks about navigating home and work, public and private, and dreams versus reality.

Zoë Charlton's Images Merge Family Memories into Metaphor

The artist Zoë Charlton enjoys roaming the aisles of craft stores, filling her basket with an assortment of materials, especially decorative stickers of trees, leaves, clouds, and various birds, such as geese, ducks, owls, and hawks.

Tony Auth installed dirt bikes at the Evergreen Museum & Library for his 2017 artist residency. He says it kind of felt like telling your dog, “Don’t shit on the carpet when you come into this nice house.”