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Inspired by gothic literature and speculative fiction, Allen’s photos conjure a sense of home, safety, and agency

The circle is a ritual space of release, love, gratitude, bliss, and praise, and memories of this ritual come flooding back when looking at photographs by Sydney J. Allen. 

Start your year off by applying for an exhibition, grant, or other opportunity on the local and national stage

A list of applications for residencies, exhibitions, grants, internships, public projects, and more.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media 12/31

Baltimore News from Baltimore Publications and Writers including the Baltimore Brew, Baltimore, Fishbowl, Maryland Matters, and more

The future is unclear, but making and experiencing art is more essential than ever

These ten exhibits of 2020 provide a fractured but highly ambitious roadmap, messy and democratic and full of brilliant tangents, the perfect puzzle for a precarious and undetermined future.

This year was a lot and much of it happened on the internet

Time was simultaneously at a standstill and moving at a blistering pace.

Reckonings, mutual aid, pivots, and survival mode

What have we realized, or re-realized, or realized for the nth time in 2020? 

Seeing the paintings in “I Can’t Wait To See You” is a synesthetic event

Looking at Sahlehe's paintings feels like listening to Solange’s When I Get Home, Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda, and Pharoah Sanders’ "Harvest Time."

A photo essay of front yard light displays

Baltimore's unique holiday light displays from a variety of neighborhoods

A performance protest featuring a cast of Baltimore-based artists and bright yellow paint

Zohore’s new performance, enacted across the street from the BMA’s iconic marble steps, co-opts the literal subject of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and considers the museum’s deaccessioning through the lens of religious sacrifice.

BmoreArt's print journal examines power within the context of individual art practices, communities, and institutional structures

Issue 10: Power is BmoreArt's second print journal released since Covid-19 closures

Laurie plays with borders and fences, flat spaces and wide-open ones that look like anywhere and nowhere at once

"I try to stress that all the real work in art-making is in the practice and the learning from those little failures along the way."

Black nonchalance, our unlived lives, Nancy Meyers, femme superheroes, Oreo's brand strategy, Dionne Warwick's Tweets, and more

There were a lot of great long reads on the internet this week that had me deep in my feels.

Diptychs from February 2020, capturing moments just before the shutdown, and the months that have followed

"I think of them as meditations on how injury is unavoidable and what that means for how we care for one another."

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media 12/17

Baltimore News from Baltimore Publications and Writers including the Baltimore Brew, Baltimore, Fishbowl, Maryland Matters, and more

The exhibition title, Skully, comes from a popular game Owens played as a child in Druid Heights, just a mile away from Bolton Hill, the site of CPM, a new art gallery

Viewed as movements, these abstracts are maps that retrace Owens’ process, the steps he took to arrive at the finished series.

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