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What new connections might emerge by inviting thinkers and makers with diverse educational backgrounds and practices into the archives?

This was before our president extrajudicially murdered a top leader of the Iranian military so you would be forgiven for forgetting about it already, but right before the end of ...

Memes, Art World Gossip, Tough Love, and Predictions for the New Year

@jerrygogosian: "You can still be an artist and find a way to support yourself without academia, grants, or gallery sales, and frankly, the bigger “world” needs the influence of artistic thinkers the most."

Bromo Arts District's New Director, a VP at Deutsch Foundation, new BMA curators, and more

Emily Breiter becomes Bromo Arts District director, Jessica Solomon named VP at Deutsch Foundation, BMA expands contemporary curatorial department, and more

Shinique Smith at the BMA, We Are One: Ernest Shaw, Jerry Prettyman, Monica Ikegwu, Latoya Hobbs, Mark Fleuridor at Creative Alliance, Joan Cox at Catalyst Contemporary, and Winter Workshop Show at Ink Spot Press.

An Artist's Evolution: Shinique Smith in Conversation with Cara Ober at the Pratt, Renovations opens at Carroll Mansion, Breathing Room: Bound and Loose performance by Shinique Smith at the BMA, We Are One: Ernest Shaw, Jerry Prettyman, Monica Ikegwu, Latoya Hobbs, Mark Fleuridor gallery talk at Cre

The artist discusses her career so far, doing her sisters’ hair, and the contemporary figure painters who inspire her. 

Painter Monica Ikegwu’s goal is to take “ordinary people and make them [into] art in the ordinary clothes that they're wearing. [The subjects themselves are] nothing special, but then it becomes art.”

An Interview with Filmmaker Karen Yasinsky

One Night Only, explores the visual languages of silent film stars and stand-up comedians.

As the largest global displacement crisis since World War II continues to unfold, two recently opened installations in Washington, DC museums offer provocative, distinct ways of thinking about migration and ...

The I. Henry Photo Project

Webster’s grandfather, I. Henry Phillips, was a photographer at the Afro-American newspaper. His father, Irving, also worked for the Afro, and traveled around the South with Martin Luther King Jr., documenting his speeches for the paper.

The year in Baltimore movies

Not documentary exactly (though a few fit that category) but works where reality sneaks up and disrupts form and storytelling in unpredictable and expressionistic ways.

An Interview with Watercolorist and former MICA Professor Christine Neill

The artist talks about the impact climate change has had during her lifetime, what it was like to be one of the few mothers at MICA in the 1980s, and her beliefs about an artist’s role in educating the public.

Wow wow wow!!! It is the end of the decade... or is it?!?! Apparently when the decade ends is debatable! Anyway, at the beginning of 2010 I had just turned ...

Best Baltimore Exhibits, Projects, and Experiments 2010-2019

Baltimore’s pool of talent is an ever-expanding universe.

A Studio Visit with the 2019 23-year-old Sondheim Prize Winner

Brown’s installation and photography work, which asks her audience “to confront race and identity in modern terms,” challenges some viewers to recognize microaggressions they may not have previously considered.

This week: It's the most wonderful time of the year to go to a museum! We've highlighted a few ongoing exhibitions below but each museum has several to see. Walk off ...

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