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Photos by Jill Fannon capture these beautiful, tragic, and weirdly punctual insects

Brood X is the largest of all the cohorts of 17-year periodical cicadas, and they are here for just one reason.

Taharka Brothers' Detric McCoy reflects on the rebirth of the mission-driven ice cream company as a worker-owned cooperative

The founder of Taharka Brothers, Sean Smeeton, was my dad’s mentor when he was a teenager.

Juneteenth, Taylor Renee Aldridge on David Driskell, "History as End," Area 405, and more

The internet was weird this week, I wasn’t that into it.

New development in Station North making longtime residents and artists concerned about displacement and instability

Is there a way to bring much-needed investment to Greenmount West without displacing the artists?

Monaghan’s themes of power, technology, and rampant consumerism speak to the unique challenges of today’s attention economy

The wolves feel like stand-ins for Americans, full of desire for the traditional trappings of empire while simultaneously feeling empty and repulsed by the barren world that surrounds us.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Baltimore news from the Baltimore Brew, WYPR, Baltimore Fishbowl, Maryland Matters, and more

In this collection of work, Munroe focuses on his relationship to Black single fatherhood, a multidimensional and intimate subject

The scenes are distorted and dreamlike, and Munroe knows just when to stop and let the material do the work.

Saturday's celebration at the Eubie Blake features music, art, food, workshops and more

Through performance and wearable sculpture, Corona examines themes such as othering, fear of death, white supremacy, and the climate crisis

Each piece selected and displayed within the walls of the Walters—an institution with its own admitted history of othering and white supremacy—reveals the evolution of an artistic practice by a multidimensional creator making multidimensional work.

An artist who combines sculpture, fiber art, and performance into rituals designed to venerate and heal

Tsedaye Makonnen focuses her work in particular on people migrating from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, historically and in the present day, drawing parallels between the two.

The best weekly art openings, events, and calls for entry happening in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay engaged in the arts.

An artist forcing us to ask not only “What is this?” but the much more unnervingly delicious, “When is this?”

Sohn uses commercial ceramics techniques overwhelmingly used to create uniform multiple objects, and experiments with the process at various stages to create unique objects that can’t be mass reproduced

A week of reviews of each of the five Sondheim finalists and their exhibits at the Walters

This week we will publish individual reviews of Hae Won Sohn, Tsedaye Makonnen, Hoesy Corona, Lavar Munroe, and Jonathan Monaghan

Thot Shit, Lorde, YouTuber drama, Pose, Finding Stonewall, Kelis, and more

The internet was kinda MESSY this week.

The documentary is inspired by both Baltimore and Vienna and it traverses both with the director’s own personal perspective

Director Bernadette Wegenstein, a filmmaker and professor of media studies at Johns Hopkins University, met Alsop in Baltimore City, where they both live and work.

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