Patron Saint Subscription

By BmoreArt

A $1300 value that includes each print issue mailed to you, and two premium subscriptions for friends.


The patron saint subsccriber will receive a box sex of all available issues of the past ten BmoreArt journals. Every patron saint subscriber receives an invitation to all private and/or VIP events for BmoreArt collaborators and supporters, both virtual (during Covid) and in person (post-Covid). You will receive eight VIP tickets for each launch party in the future, for a total of 16 tickets annually and these can be used by you or gifted to young artists, art students, or an arts organization of your choice. All patron saint subscribers will be recognized for their generosity in subsequent print issues, unless they wish to remain anonymous. Plus subscriptions include invites to VIP BmoreArt and Connect + Collect Events, Studio Tours and Collectors Dinners post-Covid as well as private and VIP Virtual and Zoom events while Covid prevents us from hosting events in person.


Automatic Renewal:
Your subscription will automatically renew annually. Before each renewal cycle, we will send a reminder via email with the term and rate then in effect (current rates listed above). If you do nothing, we will charge the payment method you selected. To cancel at any time, contact By subscribing you agree to Automatic Renewal as described above.

Subscriptions include the cost of shipping magazines domestically. We do not offer international subscriptions at this time.