I have been very fortunate to have great family support as an artist. My father and mother met in art school in New York. I am now pleased to present a show of works by some of my talented family members!

Dad (Ron Primm) after many years in the advertising business he turned all his talents to painting. His focus has been figures and portraits, but he now is working on landscapes, fantasyscapes and now more abstracted work.

My brother (Jason Primm) is uber talented. Mostly figurative work with a graffiti sense. The work is packed with color, strong design and action which is emphasized by his use of a strong use of black line work.

Mom (Midge Weigand) has returned to painting over the last few years and focuses on pets she is asked to capture. She refuses any money for her work, but if the new owner of one of her gems wishes ‘pay’ she requests a donation to the ASPCA.

My sister-in law (Sally Primm) created 6 pieces in the ‘Cradle of Life’ series. She uses Kelp to describe life. Kelp & life is messy, full of tangles, sometimes slimy and gritty, full of interference and a change of direction. Kelp demonstrates this. Kelp is known as foundational species as their undersea forests provide safety, beauty and nutrients for fish and sea mammals. The way it holds the sunlight is mystical. Once dislodged by the ebb and flow, a current or storm, kelp surrenders, washing up on the sand like a giant umbilical cord from the forest.

My sister (Jessica Primm) who is a landscape architect by day creates encaustic paintings. Her pieces are very free flowing and have a soothing presence.

Nephew (Tiernan Primm) is a musician and an artist who has studied under Grandpa Ron. Here’s his latest encaustic work titled ‘Pink Sky’.

Last but not least are works by my husband, Bob Moll. He is an architect and an illustrator. The illustrations are created often when writing a private note. For years, he has written and illustrated notes to a friend’s very young daughter. He figured she didn’t receive much mail, so he took on the task to write her. The girl who as 3 when first we met, is now in her mid 20’s. Bob has written her hundreds of illustrated letters through the years. He has compiled several drawings which span a year in a book titled “Annie’s Letters from her friend Bob”.

My work will also be included with my family. I have been painting on the streets of Baltimore for over 30 years. After 13 years, I moved my Crystal Moll Gallery from Federal Hill to Highlandtown’s Art’s district in early 2023.
Here is the ‘underpainting’ of a new piece. This is how all my works start. This is a big painting and will being painted on location. It is 30×60″ and will require 12-20 visits to complete. I’m looking forward to the process. The title is ‘Baltimore Strong’.

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