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Thoughts Inspired by the Enoch Pratt Library’s 36th Annual Booklovers' Breakfast

This, the Pratt’s 36th Breakfast, was to be my first. And so, with little idea of what to expect, I daydreamed about Jesmyn and me sitting across a fancy table, spearing pancakes and passing the bacon whilst talking about characters we had yet to bring to life.

Best Art and Culture Writing in 2023 from BmoreArt

Memorable and Award-winning Essays, Illuminating Baltimore's Cultural Landscape in Unexpected Directions This Year

2023 Lists from Wikipedia, Columbia Journalism Review, NPR, Merriam-Webster, Longreads, Time, Rolling Stone, The Verge, Huff Post, and more

A Year in Podcasts, Albums, Articles, Memes, Inventions, TikToks, Essays and also - what's missing from these lists.

A Baltimore Literary Festival that gathers readers together with authors

The second annual Lost Weekend was an intimate and fun event featuring something for Baltimoreans of all ilk.

A Sort of Recap on Ann Patchett and R. Eric Thomas in conversation via the Ivy Bookshop

I feel an affinity for these flawed but well-intentioned characters, but I think Patchett’s gift for innovation comes from plot structure and how a story functions in reverberating and disparate layers.

And Curator Reggie Harris on Why We All Need to Know About Cave Canem

The annual event was largely put on hold during the pandemic. This Sunday, December 3rd, CityLit will bring the Cave Canem gathering back in person with A Home for the Heart to Live In.

A Monthly Reading Series Pairs Authors and Poets with Wine and Sake

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips and Joseph Grantham started Hidden Palace, a reading series for poetry and fiction, at Fadensonnen

What is collaboration? And how do we know if it’s working?

Subscribers, Expect Your Copy of Issue 16: Collaboration this week!!

Things that happened: Rashida Talaib was censured, Keke Palmer was granted a restraining order, Omarosa got got, Gaza continues to be attacked, The Committee, the SAG strike came to an end, Tierra Whack, turtles, and Omegle is no longer. 

Some inconceivably cruel things happened on the internet this week, and so did some funny moments. 

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week's news includes: New Hamiltonian Fellows, Kerr Houston wins Lois Moran Award for Craft Writing, The Roller Wave, the Valerie Maynard internship at the BMA, the Mac MacLure Spirit of Leadership Award, and more!

Things that happened: Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks out, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghans expelled from Pakistan, Keith Lee vs. Atlanta, Cup Noodles, Palestinian bombing, Winnie Harlow's Halloween, Megan Thee Stallion, Jamila Woods, and Flavor Flav sings the national anthem. 

The internet was both a reminder of all the concurrent crises, as well as joy, hope, and the silly things of the world.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and Jackie Milad at VisArts, playwright Tatiana Nya Ford, Terri Lee Freeman, Dr. Edwin T. Johnson, and Lady Brion interviewed on WYPR Midday, CharmTV moving to Black Arts District, Bertha's closes for good, and more.

Three Years in the Making, This Beautiful Book Pairs Nationally Recognized Authors with Visual Artists

Baltimore Is Truly a City of Artists. This New Book Aims to Explore Why and How from a Variety of Diverse Perspectives.

Harlan Crow’s other sugar baby, Art Forum and David Velasco, Maine mass shooting, Judith Butler speaks out, Black Feminism and Palestine, Queen Latifah, Hasan Minha, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift. 

This internet was difficult this week.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week's news includes: Talib Jasir's Black podcaster festival, New BMA exhibitions centering Native artists, NMWA director Susan Fisher Sterling on Art Angle Podcast, 11 DC Exhibits, Jonathon Heyward at the BSO, DC's JHU Bloomberg Center, and more!

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