Visual Art

Visual Art

In the past six months the BmoreArt core team has evolved to include new editors, contributors, and team members

BmoreArt's team grows to include new editors, a designer-in-residence, media and gallery coordinators, and a video intern

A visual artist sees mushrooms as an avenue of hope in her work

Cramer began exploring mushrooms after years of creating myopic biological imagery and a constant worry about humanity’s impact on the environment.

Art Jewelers Tackle Contemporary Reproductive Rights with Ancient Forms

In Plan B, currently on view at the Rebecca Myers Gallery at Cross Keys through the end of March, artists and jewelers address contemporary reproductive politics using a form from ancient pottery: the Greek amphora.

A Baltimore Homecoming, of Sorts, for a Painter and Fabricator Celebrating Movement in all Traditions

“I came back to oil, my first love, because it's how I move—it's slow, rich, flexible and giving. I needed this generosity and consistency after so much searching.”

How the Neighborhood Design Center is Helping Baltimore’s Creatives Revive a Climate-Conscious City

“If you look at adaptive reuse projects, at least half of the building you need is already there,” Karla Brent says. “The energy that was needed to build that was used years ago,” whereas new building projects require production and shipment processes that create pollution and consume raw materials.

The Baltimore-Based, Media-Mixing Artist Defies Expectations at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum

In Randi Reiss-McCormack’s gritty, graceful work, there’s wild, yet carefully choreographed dance.

Glenstone is a place that seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and nature into a serene and contemplative environment.

Located in Potomac, Maryland, a museum that tends to its outdoor environments as much as the indoor ones that house much of the art.

A Review of 'Called to Create' at the National Gallery of Art

Highlighting 40 new acquisitions and the power of potential.

Dozens of Artists Bid Farewell to One More IRL Art Space

A refreshing exhibit featuring a wide breadth of Baltimore artists at various points in their careers

Collaboration Between Institutional, DIY, Public, and Private Art Entities Makes for a Great Art Week

Madrid's flagship fair ARCO—as well as its satellites JUSTMAD, Art Madrid, UVNT, and Hybrid—seem to have firmly cemented their place on the circuit, even if competitors in North America sometimes get more attention.

Two Downtown Exhibitions Celebrate the Narrative, Physical Properties of Sculpture

Over the years the definition of sculpture has continuously expanded and contracted to include installations, site specific works, and other various forms of media.

After Tom Miller Week, An Exhibit and Auction Continue the Artist’s Legacy

With the resurgence of Tom Miller Day, more people are studying and admiring his work, turning Miller into a deep source of inspiration for future generations of Baltimore artists.

Connect + Collect Artist Talk with Jordan Tierney, Adam Stab, Lee Davis and Anand Pandian

A BmoreArt Gallery Discussion and Event with the Ecological Design Collective

This Iteration of the Genre-Bending Berlin Institution Considers Scale with Alternating Humor, Gravity, and Weirdness

The artworks on display might all be defined as technologically speculative but ran a range from past and present critiques to future possibilities (the term speculative comes up all too regularly in such spheres). Techno-utopianisms were not the theme here...

In Washington, DC, an ambitious exhibition considers British photography from the turbulent '70s and '80s

A concise but impactful exhibition of photographs from the 1970s and 1980s at the National Gallery of Art, presents a boisterous and iconoclastic photographic culture

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