Thursday Jun 6, 2024 ⋅ 6pm – 8pm (Eastern Time – New York)

Hood College, 401 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21701, USA

Welcome to Art-Hop: The Manifesto Exhibition, a solo art exhibition by Taurean Washington.
Art-Hop is a new art movement coined by Taurean Washington that explores the intersection of Art-
History and hip-hop culture expressed in various says or “styles” Throughout this exhibition, two
styles will be explored.
Style #1 is called “Art Chops” , where the works created have references, riffs, and elements of
known famous works of art in from the canon of western art or other established art movements in
history. Just as producers sample old rock records and create a beat by referencing drums or
sounds in a loop, Taurean creates art in that same fashion in visual form.
Style #2 is called “Art-Cing” where the works are visual interpretations of the song. Viewers will
notice there will be text or lyrics referencing hip hop or cultural references throughout the work.
This exhibition is comprised of 12 works ranging in subject matter such as pop culture, religion,
politics, sex, religion, and culture from the African American community.
In conclusion, the movement of Art-Hop was birthed out of Taurean’s passion for both art and hip
hop. As it is a trend nowadays that both worlds are more intertwined, Taurean foresaw how
intriguing both worlds would collide before this cultural phenomenon took shape. It is Taurean’s
intention to bridge the gap between art from the institution and the everyday observer of art.
Hope you enjoy the soundtrack!
Sit back, nod your head, and enjoy the vibes!
This…IS…. ART-HOP!

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