Art sample Ribeirinhas: 7/7/22 to 7/8/22

Artist: Haydee Sampaio

Place : Park Avenue Pharmacy – Bolton Hill

What are these images of life at the Brazilian Amazon river doing at a pharmacy in Baltimore City?

They are there to capture some distracted looks from casual walkers; these images might add a different flavor to update the store window look, or they are speaking without a voice through the exposure afforded by the view of some many living in another reality from those images displayed in the window.

The painting exposed inside the window quietly proposes to show a different world where prayers are the only medicine available.  These paintings introduce the way of life at the Brazilian Amazon river banks and the cry for help and acceptance to a different reality.

The Artist Haydee Sampaio, a native Brazilian who grew up at the Amazon river banks, is displaying paintings inspired by moments in the life of the women of the Brazilian Amazon river banks; she called them “ribeirinhas”.  These are special women who survive in a region with large rivers and few resources to improve their existence.  Many of these women are the family sole breadwinners.

The reason to bring these images to Baltimore is to share their struggles, to pay homage to the “ribeirinhas” and to capture moments of a way of life that is quickly disappearing.

The Artist Bio

Haydèe Sampaio was born in the Brazilian Amazon; she lives and works in Goias State, Brazil.  She graduated from Universidade Federal  de Goias with a B.S in Visual Arts, and a second degree in Museology.

Her work displays images intertwining drawing and painting in a color palettes that transcend the Amazon riverside environment.  She proposes narratives depicting her Amazon river roots and memories of her ancestors.

The Amazon riverside woman is the muse of her creations; she displays in her paintings moments in the lives of the  riverbanks women “ribeirinhas” -portuguese  term to decribe these women). The “ribeirinhas ” exhibition aims to bring visibility  and celebrate the lives of these strong, resourceful and beautiful human being.

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Contact in the USA

Thelma Harringthon. +1 (410) 206-3538

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