Artists Amy Reid and Pangelica take you on a time-traveling experience to give literal voice to two women represented in the Walters collection: a sculpture of the Greek sea goddess Amphrite and an ancient Egyptian mummy. Their spectral Art Sound Now performance, Immortal Voices focuses on themes of healing and destruction through ambient sound and performance. Art Sound Now highlights our commitment to supporting local artists and exploring new perspectives on the collection.

Join Amy and Pangelica for a live conversation with the Walters on Tuesday, July 30, at 5:30 p.m.

Pangelica is a classically trained violist, her production at its infancy began with arranging classical works for viola and string quartets. After being introduced to Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), she exchanged pencil and staff paper for Virtual Studio Technologies (VSTs) and synthesizers. This shift of mediums is what eventually gave birth to the hyper-Romantic Synthpop sound of Pangelica.

Amy Reid is a queer electronic musician, producer, sound, visual artist and curator striving to transform spaces sonically, socially, and visually. Her work often explores the constant intersection of the natural and man-made world, expressing both their fight for power and harmonious balance through the use of field recordings, vocals, and electronic instruments. Reid has studied Painting and Art Education obtaining a BFA and MAT from Maryland Institute College of Art.

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