Exhibition Title: “Chromatic Landscapes”
Solo Exhibition of Vian Borchert’s Latest Paintings
Reception and Meet the Artist on: Saturday, October 1 from 3-5 PM
Exhibition Dates: Sept 1 – Oct 31, 2022
Open and free to the public
At: The Framer’s Choice Gallery 
Gallery Address: 402 Main Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10AM- 3PM
Vian Borchert’s latest floral landscape paintings evoke the idea of romance while remaining engaging and contemporary. As an expressionist artist, Borchert describes her artwork as a form of visual poetry. Borchert’s art presents imagined landscapes of romantic fields filled with flowers, while the nature depicted emerges to tell stories of far away lands where lovers caressed each other among the dancing flowers.
Borchert’s latest floral landscapes are accompanied by short poems which capture the essence of the artwork such as this poem titled “Wild Flowers”
“Here we stand together
one flower after another
dancing in the wind
caressed by the gentle breeze
standing tall!”
In the latest floral landscapes, the objective for Borchert was to return to beauty, beauty in art – Returning to a beautiful place for the eye, mind and soul to run free in an open landscape and an open field filled with wildflowers. True beauty is what the artist sought in these works along with an exploration to open fields that are created from a deep love and appreciation for nature.
In a world that desperately needs hope, a return to beauty is definitely needed. For Borchert, these latest creations have been a sanctuary to delve into where the artist played with color allowing her spirit to run free and eventually get to a beautiful place.
The landscapes are imagined ones where memories of classical literature from the artist’s young age are recalled. Literary works such as “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë have always been a great source of inspiration for the artist as a young child. Such literary works have allowed the artist’s imagination to really run free with every chapter she read as a young child. The novel has had a soft spot in the artist’s heart ever since. Moreover, in these latest floral landscapes, Borchert emphasizes on the importance of nature in one’s life. For in nature and only in nature does true beauty exist.
Furthermore, Borchert has been wholeheartedly seeking beauty lately considering how negative the news has been. In a way, similar to the Dada art movement and in reaction to the negative news, the artist decided to completely go the opposite direction with these latest artwork and introduce a genre that hasn’t been fully expressed or exhibited enough in the art-world which is the forgotten fields of floral landscapes. Borchert exclaims, “Who doesn’t remember as a child running in a flower field and experiencing absolute freedom and joy that one can only attain through such an action. For I have found through my work in art and in meditation to reach freedom, one has to seek nature and be in absolute alignment with nature to finally find that sweet spot of freedom.”
Overall, Borchert aims through the chromatic landscapes presented in the exhibition for the work to grab one intellectually on multiple levels to fully give the viewer a leap into this visual and poetic experience.
About the Artist – Bio:
Vian Borchert is an established expressionist artist. Borchert has exhibited extensively in exhibitions within the US and internationally. Vian is a graduate and “Notable Alumni” from the Corcoran College of Art & Design George Washington University, Washington, DC. Borchert exhibits in museums and key galleries in major cities such as NYC, LA, London. Borchert had her artwork exhibited in prestigious venues like The SAM Museum, Times Square – Broadway Plaza, United Nations Lobby Gallery in NYC, Art Basel Miami Beach, 1stDibs Design Center in Chelsea, NYC. Her artwork is also in embassies and in private collections worldwide. Borchert’s art has been vastly featured in press like MOEVIR Paris Fashion & Art Magazine, ARTPIL, The Washington Post, Modern Renaissance Magazine and Vie magazine. Borchert is an art educator in the DC area teaching fine art classes to adults at Glen Echo Park’s Yellow Barn Studio. Borchert’s artwork can be found at auction houses and luxury marketplaces “Artsy” and “1stDibs”. www.vianborchert.com
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